Summary of ISEEE Meeting in Madeira

by Don Calvin

The ISEEE held the first meeting outside the United States in Funchal, Madeira on September 20-26, 2012 which was hosted by Portinho Partners, Sergei V. Shevchuk, President, Infina Group of Moscow and Tomé Brazão, Madeira real estate developer.

The meeting was attended by ISEEE Members and Special Guests from Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States and included the Chairman and President of SNN Inc. the Stock News Network from Los Angeles, California who did news coverage, TV interviews and led Discussion Sessions. The President of Madeira, Dr. Alberto Joao Jardim also made a presentation following a Press Conference at the meeting.

The three Discussion Sessions focused on the Small Business Financing Crisis- the Actions Needed to be Taken, following which it was agreed to issue a Report on the actions which need to be taken to facilitate equity financing by small and medium size companies to create jobs and improve the economies of countries, large and small, worldwide.

The two other Discussion Sessions focused on related topics Regulatory and Related Market Developments and a Capital Formation Roundtable–Factors Influencing Capital Formation around the World.

There were interesting and topical Luncheon and Dinner Session presentations on “Competitive Developments at European Exchanges”; “Outlook and Opportunities–the Case for Asia Pacific”; “Investment Opportunities in Madeira”; “Developments in the Exchange Traded Funds (“ETF’s”)Markets Worldwide”; and the “Global Economies and Markets–Finding Order in Chaos”.

The text of most presentations is available on the ISEEE web site including summaries of some of the presentations.

There was also a discussion of a paper by a public relations expert who formerly was with the New York Stock Exchange on proposed distribution of the Report on the Small Business Financing Crisis which proposes holding a press conference in London, New York or Washington, DC and op-ed interviews with ISEEE Members on the topic following release of the ISEEE Report.

In addition to the Luncheon and Dinner presentations , there were nine other prepared presentations which were made available at the meeting and copies distributed, one of which is eighty-one pages in length and another contains fifty slides Many of these will be included in the ISEEE web site.

The Accompanying Persons Program was attended by twelve spouses who also participated in the three tours of Madeira arranged by the Hosts, including an all day Island Tour, a wine tasting tour and a cable car ride and visit to the Botanical Gardens. Three of the five Dinner Sessions were held at interesting and historic restaurant venues on the Island.

All the participants and hosts agreed the meeting program was excellent and was the most interesting of the six ISEEE meetings held to date. Invitations were received to host the next meeting in Orlando, Florida in April and in Istanbul in September or October,2013. Other Members indicated invitations may be received to host meetings in other venues, such as possibly Moscow, Budapest or Luxembourg.

Donald L. Calvin
ISEEE Chairman