President Alberto Joao Jardim welcomes International Stock Exchange Executives Emeriti meeting to Madeira, Portugal sponsored by Portinho Partners

by Dustin Watkins

Press Release

Madeira, Portugal, September 24, 2012.

President Alberto Joao Jardim welcomed The  International Stock Exchange  Executives Emeriti, Inc. (ISEEE) during a special meeting at the Pestana Carlton Hotel in Madeira sponsored by the Portinho Partners, Sergey V. Shevchenko, Chairman and CEO of Russian based Infina Investment Company and local real estate developer,Tome Brazao of Madeira.”

The ISEEE members, comprised of former and current securities exchange officials, included participating members from sixteen countries. ISEEE members represent or have represented more than seventy five worldwide securities exchanges. ISEEE Chairman, Mr. Don Calvin stated, “This was the first ISEEE meeting held outside the United States since the ISEEE was first organized as a New York, Not for Profit, Educational Tax Exempt Organization.”

Mr. Tome Brazao stated, “It was indeed a privilege to welcome such a distinguished organization to Madeira and excited to provide a grand tour of Madeira including the coming Portinho Gran Melia Hotel and Apartment beach resort.”

The issues discussed by the participants at the six day meeting included the small business financing crisis and its affect’s on the economies of developed and developing countries. The presentations made by global experts focused on the inability of  small and developing companies to raise capital in the public markets under the current market financial circumstances.

“The ISEEE is planning to issue a report on the Small Business Financing Crisis and the actions which need to be taken, stated Calvin. He added, “The ISEEE report will focus on recommendations and actions necessary to be taken to provide small & medium sized global businesses a greater ability to raise equity capital necessary to develop and grow their businesses.”

Included in the discussions were two related topics: Regulatory and related market developments and global trends and the negative impact of increasing regulation and intervention by governments and regulators on small business. The other topic discussed was Capital Formation and its major impact on national economies.

Mr. Sergey V. Shevchenko, thanked President Alberto Joao Jardim and the ISEEE and stated, “Madeira provided a beautiful place for such an important event and Portinho Partners thanks ISEEE members for attending.”


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